Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ'S)

'Loyalty Reward' program is a unique reward program that lets you earn Cashback on all your purchases via Nextshoppe.
There are no charges to be part of 'Loyalty Reward' program. It is absolutely FREE!
Your email address or Facebook/Google+ login is your 'Loyalty Reward' membership identifier. Please make sure that you are always logged in before making any purchases via Nextshoppe.
'Loyalty Reward' program is absolutely free, you can join by simply registering on our website using your email address or Facebook/Google+ login.
Loyalty Reward program is currently applicable only for desktop users of Nextshoppe.
'Loyalty Reward' membership is valid for lifetime of the program.
You are free to search/browse/compare prices of the products on Nextshoppe and proceed to partner stores for completing the purchase without being a 'Loyalty Reward' program member (As a guest user). However, in order to get 'Reward Amount' and other program benefits and offers, you must register as a 'Loyalty Reward' program member. Make sure you login before making any purchases.
You can earn max. of 6% of the product amount for each purchase. And the percentage amount will be varying depends on products.
Follow below steps to get Reward Amount:
1. Sign up or login on
2. Purchase the product via
3. Wait for a maximum of 5-7 days to get Reward Amount in your account.

Please note, you have to repeat the above steps every time before making purchase. Also, do not open any other website during the purchase.
Yes - Reward Amounts earned for a purchase that is the subject of a return or cancellation will be deducted from your account.
All Reward Amount which are credited for purchases shall expire in 24 months from the day they are verified. Signup bonus amount credited by Nextshoppe shall expire within 90 days if the user doesn't make any purchase.
Fill the form at Complaints page. Before reporting, just make sure that it has been 5 days since you made your purchase as Reward Amount will be credited only after 5 days of purchase.
If you have not received your Reward Amount to your verified bank account within 5 days after your withdrawal date, please raise a complaint accordingly from "Complaints" page of your account.
The 'Reward Amount' that can be earned for a product is displayed on the product detail page. Please note that the 'Reward Amount' displayed are indicative and the final reward amount that you will receive could be different based on the final transaction details.
A maximum of 6% of the product amount will be credited for a single transaction. The percentage of product amount will be varying depends on products & offers
If your purchases get rejected by the store due to reasons such as returns/cancellations, non-payment etc. post verification date of your purchase then the Reward Amount credited for such purchases will be deducted. In case you have utilized your Reward Amount for withdrawal before deduction, then you will have negative Reward Amount. However as and when you accumulate more Reward Amount in future, your verified wallet amount will become positive.
  • Verified: Once the purchase has been confirmed by the store, Reward Amount become Available for withdrawal. Reward Amount generally become verified in 1-2 weeks after the purchase.
  • Declined: In case of cancellation/ return, Reward Amount earned during the original transaction will be deducted from your account.
  • Expired: Reward Amount credited for purchases will expire in 24 months from the day they are verified. Signup Bonus credited by Nextshoppe shall expire in 90 days if the user doesn't make any purchase.
To view your Available Amount balance, sign into your account and navigate to "My Rewards" via the drop down located on the upper right corner. In the "My Rewards" page left side you can see your total verified wallet amount and in the right side you can see the list of amounts earned.
No, we cannot re-instate your expired Reward Amount.
Log on to, and go to the 'My Rewards' page. On the left side you will see 'Withdraw Money' button. Click on the button to go to 'Money Withdrawal' page.
You can withdraw your Reward Amount when you have min. of Rs. 100 in your verified wallet. Check the "Amounts Earned" page for details.
No. You cannot cancel your withdrawal request once it is placed.
No. Reward Amounts are non-transferable and can be withdrawn only to your verified bank account.
On the login page you will see a link named Forgot your password?. Just click on this and enter your registered e-mail id and we will email you the temporary password for login. Please use this password to login and you can change this password any time by in the settings tab located in your dashboard.
No, you cannot change your registered email.
There is no fees to withdraw as bank transfer.

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