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How It Works

1) Sign In & Shop

Just do Sign In and purchase
products via Nextshoppe.

2) Earn Cashback

Earn upto 6% cashback on
every product you purchase.

3) Withdraw Money

Withdraw money to your
verified bank account.

Want to Earn Additional Cashback ?

Invite your friends and get additional referral bonus of Rs. 10 on Every Refferal you made!

  •   Share your referral link with your friend, they visit this link and sign-up, referral bonus is credited in your account instantly.
  •   You get Rs. 10 as referral bonus and your friend get Rs. 25 for sign-up. Help your friend earn and you also earn.

  • Terms & Conditions For Referral Earnings :

    • Only valid refereral would be counted.
    • Referral Cashback will be added as 'Pending' initialy.
    • Referral Cashback will be approved after the referee (the person who has signed-up by your referral link) shop through us for first time.
    • Using own referral of creation of multiple account from a single person, is not allowed.
    • If creation of multiple is found from any person, his/her cashback would not be credited and may laid to cancellation their account without any furthur notices.
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    Terms & Conditions

    • This program is called the Nextshoppe's Loyalty Reward Program.
    • This program is valid only on orders placed by signed in users through
    • The users need to sign up through to become members of this program.
    • Members of this program can accrue 'Reward Amount' for orders placed through within the Terms of Use and as per the Terms & Conditions of this program.
    • Members acknowledge that they are solely responsible for risks associated with becoming members of this program and they will not hold or any of its subsidiaries or its directors, employees, officers, agents and their successors and assigns or business associates responsible for any loss arising due to such membership.
    • All Reward Amount which are credited for purchases shall expire in 24 months from the day they are verified. The Signup bonus amount of Rs. 25 will be expires within 90 days, if there is no other purchase made through
    • Reward amount will be credited in maximum of 5-7 days after your purchase. This duration is due to delay from our partner stores in sending your transaction details to NextShoppe.
    • Reward Amount generally become verified in 1-2 weeks after the purchase.
    • Reward Amounts are displayed on the "Amounts Earned" page.
    • Reward Amount will be calculated as per the perentage amount you get for each product purchase.
    • You get maximum of 6% of the product amount when you purchase. And the percentage amount will be varying for each products.
    • Reward Amount can be withdrawn to your verified bank account. Please note that only verified Reward Amounts can be withdrawn.
    • You need minimum of Rs. 100 in your wallet to withdraw to your verified bank account.
    • In order to withdraw your reward amount to your bank account. First, you should be get verified your bank account by us.
    • To verify your bank account details, you should submit all the payment related documents in your dashbaord.
    • Your bank account generally become verified in 1-2 weeks once you submitted the necessary bank account details.
    • If you change the bank account details, then you have to re-upload necessary documents and it takes 1-2 weeks again for verification.
    • Loyalty Reward program is currently applicable only for desktop users.
    • Reward Amount will be credited only for purchases made via The offer is not valid if you visit the store separately or visit other coupons or cashback websites.
    • In case of any disputes, final discretion will be exercised by Nextshoppe.
    • The Company reserves the rights to terminate the Program at any time and / or change, modify, withdraw or extend the Program and/or Terms and Conditions or replace it wholly or partially by another program, without any prior notice and/or correspondence in this regard. Members will be deemed to have accepted such changes by continuing to be the part of Loyalty Reward Program.

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